World Refugee Day 2020

Did you know that tomorrow is World Refugee Day 2020?

Why not listen to Onjali Q Raúf read the first chapter of ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’? It’s about a class who welcome a refugee from Syria into their school.

Want to try out other books about refugees? Check out the recommended titles here –

StoryCon 2020

Earlier on this month we posted about the StoryCon Virtual Workshops. Only one week to go to book your place!

Fact or Fake?

Library staff are directly involved with improving our pupils’ information and research skills.  BBC Bitesize has a excellent bank of resources to help pupils sort truth from fiction in the deluge of information available online.  These short modules help with critical thinking – a vital skill in our modern world.  Check it out:

Through the Eyes of Others

9th June is Empathy Day. We’d like to share with you some recommendations for books about race, racism and human rights. Reading provides a unique and invaluable opportunity look at the world through the eyes and experiences of others. When you read, you never stop learning.

Book lists about human rights

Compiled lists from librarians throughout the U.K

And one for adult reader